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Portland General Electric

DER Loadshape Forecasting

Created the load research component for a Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Potential Study led by Cadeo. Modeled 20+ technologies across thousands of customers for the next 30 years. This software is integrated with the adoption modeling and cost-effectiveness reporting components to create a pipeline for replicable, transparent outputs.

Hybrid Heat Pump
Carbon/Cost Calculator

Developed an interactive online calculator to test the hypothesis that customers with dual-fuel furnaces would be motivated to reduce CO2 emissions by choosing a lower outdoor swapover point if they could see the tradeoff between cost and carbon. We analyzed each customer's gas and electric meter data and conducted a "think-aloud" usability test and survey.

California TECH

Meter Data Disaggregation Validation Study

As part of a feasibility assessment for providing savings guarantees on "Inclusive Utility Investment" (a.k.a. on-bill finance) projects, we compared the ability of OpenEEmeter to disaggregate heating, cooling, and base load energy against sub-metered HVAC loads.


Connected Device Performance Metrics

Providing technical support for the Smart Thermostat certification savings metric. Assisting with the development, testing, and maintenance of open-source software that generates a standard, transparent energy savings metric from device telemetry data. Working with a team from ICF, the prime contractor.


Whole-house Efficiency Savings Evaluation

Measuring the annual energy and hourly peak demand savings of weatherization and HVAC upgrades using AMI meter data and the standardized, open-source CalTRACK methods. Analysis was done in partnership with Empower Dataworks, with support from Clean Energy Works

Northwest Energy
Efficiency Alliance

Heat Pump Savings Enhancement Report

Co-authored the "Maximizing Mini-Split Performance Report" on ways to improve energy savings from heat pump programs. The team was led by Sustainabilist.

Distribution Utility in
New Zealand

Energy Data Analysis Consulting

Providing guidance on energy data analytics strategy and methods. Assessing the viability of a particular proposed project through research and professional judgment. Partnered with Mario Bérges, PhD.


New Product
Efficiency Valuation

Providing measurement and verification (M&V) advice and assistance regarding energy savings attributable to the installation of WindowSkin®.

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