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Energy Data Analytics Consulting

Supporting the transition to a clean energy future

Demand Flexibility

Savings analysis

The lines between efficiency and demand response are blurring. The value of demand-side energy services is based not only on annual savings but on hourly impacts. Why settle for static calculations when you can use real-time data from every asset to precision-target your impact?

Automated Analytics

Custom software

If it's worth doing, it's worth scaling. We conduct energy analysis by creating custom open-source software so every time you get updated data, you can get updated results as well. We build on a suite of flexible software libraries that reduce development times without sacrificing functionality.

Expert Testimony

Regulatory and policy

You can't build consensus without shared understanding. Modern energy policy sits at the intersection of rapid technological transition, economic disruption, and climate change. We support stakeholders by "translating" between clean-energy advocates, utilities, and technologists, helping to build shared understanding and find common ground.

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Adjusting Temperature
Analysing data

Smart Meter Analytics

Big data, small details

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Creative quantitative solutions

Custom Software Development

Open-source automation

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